Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Missile Mouse In Stores Now!

A bit earlier than expected. I received word yesterday from a friend that he saw Missile Mouse at the bookstore. I stopped by Barnes and Noble in White Plains today and sure enough:

I can't think of better company to be with on the book shelf. My friend Kazu's book Copper is out as well and it's a must get. Actually, this photo doesn't quite reflect reality. When I got to the kids graphic novel section MM was tucked down underneath the displayed books. So I took them out and put them up top inbetween Copper and Amulet. You can do the same if you want next time you're at B&N. I don't mind.

Here's a closer look at the book. Both the paperback and hardbound copies:

MM Front

MM Back

Amazon notes it as "In Stock" as well.

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