Friday, February 27, 2009


Because of it's adaptability to extreme environments the thognart has been a favorite mode of transportation for several races on several planets for thousands of years. Originally from Nodgun 3, it spread to hundreds of planets by space colonizers and galactic merchants. It's particularly high stance gives the rider an improved vantage point resulting in superior situational awareness. The large hump on it's back stores energy for weeks at a time making the thognart effective in environments where food is scarce. Still, the care and feeding of a herd of thognarts is an art, and was ultimately an enterprise that proved inefficient for the needs of the GSA. After initially trying to use thognarts for scouting missions the GSA replaced them with a mechanical alternative. Here Missile Mouse wonders how the thing feeds itself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Missile Mouse Pages

As promised here are some pages from the Missile Mouse graphic novel. The first one is page number one of the book and I've already colored it. This was actually one of the fully finished pages I put in my book proposal for the publisher. Here we join Missile Mouse on an expedition searching for a downed transport ship. He's followed by two hired porters who are a little more familiar with the area than he is. In the foreground is the bones and toothy skull of some long dead beast, foreshadowing that danger is ahead for MM.

The rest of these are a few random pages from the book that I like. While flipping through the pages I couldn't decide which to share, there's so many of them I like. I finally narrowed it down to these. This page was a lot of fun to draw. A while back I posted concept designs for this alien slug monster . You can see those here, and below is what made it into the book:

I had to have MM get eaten by this guy. What good is it having a space slug if you don't put any one in him?

And lastly a nice shot of MM demonstrating how to use the Jet Pack in close quarters. Panel 5 was a bit of a chore to figure out, but all in all fun to draw.

I'll post a few more in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scout Runner

Missile Mouse stops to check his six while out hunting down an escape monster from the Galactic Security Agency's maximum security prison. He's riding the TK-3, a bipedal scout runner perfect for the rocky terrain in which he's hunting. The agency once kept a herd of thognarts for assignments like these, but the care and feeding of them proved to be too costly. And their temperament made some situations dangerous. So the GSA switched over to a mechanical alternative.

This was a recent commission I did for a Missile Mouse fan out in the UK. Glad it made it to you safe! If you want your own piece of original MM art go here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finished Inking!

I finished inking the last page of the Missile Mouse graphic novel at 10:43 pm last night. What a satisfying feeling that was. It clocks in at 172 pages and has been quite the beast to draw. I ink on some nice paper I found at a paper store in Stamford Connecticut. It is heavy stock and extremely smooth. Takes the ink well. I think it's made for laser printers, but it's perfect for inking comics. Best part is it's about 30 bucks for 250 sheets of 11x17. I'll post some scans of a few of my favorite pages next week.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Character Profile - Ulrich Von Dorf

Ulrich Von Dorf has one of the most brilliant minds in the Galaxy. He is a Cerebellian, an ancient race with the unique capability of genetically passing down knowledge from generation to generation. Ulrich comes from a long line of scientists in his family, which means his brain possess all the knowledge gained from his ancestors over the last few millenia. His knowledge and memory of ancient and advanced technology is immeasurable, making his brain one of the most valuable assets to the Galactic Union.

His most recent studies have been in the field of galactic energy consumption. For the last 20 years he's been trying to unravel the mystery of "infinite energy" a technology that his ancestors stumbled upon, but ultimately were never able to harness.

In "The Star Crusher" Ulrich is kidnapped by the RIP (Rogue Imperium of Planets), and it is up to Missile Mouse to rescue him and figure out just what the bad guys wanted with him and that mind of his.

Here Ulrich is testing his Thermal Flux Disruptor. He's not quite sure what it does, though the first time he fired it up it he noted in his logbook that all the birds in the neighborhood flew backwards for a few days.