Monday, April 25, 2011

Fan Art - Michael Regina

Michael Regina sends in some Missile Mouse story boards he made.  Looks like he based the action off of the MM story I did for Flight Explorer. Cool stuff!

He also makes a comic called Kevin and the Light of Destiny that can be found at

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fan Art - Ryan Metcalf

Ryan was a student of mine this semester and did some great work...when he was there.  He works for Carbine Studios now and I'm really happy for him.  Here's a link to his blog: Murtcurf check it out, there's some great stuff.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fan Art - Anthony Wu

I'm going to start posting Missile Mouse fan art on the blog here. There's a lot of pieces I've seen over the last few years that are really great and I'd hate for them to not get the proper showcase they deserve.

To kick it off Here's some galacticious work by Anthony Wu.  Anthony helped me out on both books with some of the color chores. So big thanks to him for that.

These first two are his conception of what the artwork for a Missile Mouse cartoon might look like:

 And here's a sweet poster design of MM fighting the Blazing Bat.
Awesome work!

If you have a sweet piece of MM fan art send it with a link to your website/blog to jake ( at ) and I will post it up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blazing Bat

Not long after I came up with Missile Mouse in 1992 (see all about that here) I came up with his nemesis: Blazing Bat. He's a fixture in MM mythology and a key player in Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3. Below is the first drawing of MM fighting BB.

Blazing Bat year 1992

The years passed and I kept drawing Missile Mouse, but Blazing Bat got shelved. In the early 2000's my interest in the Missile Mouse character intensified and I thought I'd take another stab at the bat:

Blazing Bat year 2001

And now present day. I knew I wanted to bring Blazing Bat back to the Missile Mouse graphic novel series so that meant updating the design.

Blazing Bat Concept Sketches

Blazing Bat Concept Sketches

Blazing Bat Concept Sketch

Blazing Bat Concept Sketches

Blazing Bat Concept Sketch

And here's the final design.

Blazing Bat

Blazing Bat

And the Blazing Bat in action:

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 101

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 102

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 103

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 104

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 105