Friday, May 30, 2008

Bug Monster

Missile Mouse rigged this electrocution staff to work with a standard fusion generator, since he couldn't find any fully charged batteries for the thing. This will amp up it's power by a good 500% turning it from a stun device to a lethal weapon. One powerful enough to take out the bug monsters he keeps running into on this planet.

I drew this while talking on the phone with my friend today. We had a nice conversation ranging from the effectiveness of using flashbacks as a plot device to slavery and the founding fathers. It's always a treat when Kohl calls.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Serpent Monster

Thanks to those of you who ordered the Art Digest. If you like any of the stuff here on my site I'm pretty sure you're going to like the book.

I hadn't drawn a finished inked Missile Mouse in a couple weeks so I took a few moments today to do this drawing just to keep my reflexes sharp. MM climbed to the top of this rock formation to see if he could get his bearings straight on this new planet he discovered. Little did he know that he disturbed a sleeping serpent who made a home in a comfortable crevice atop this precarious perch.

Special thanks goes to my 7th grade English teacher, Ms. Glenn, who taught me the alluring art of alliteration.