Thursday, December 10, 2009

Air Junker

Haven't posted any Missile Mouse in a while. This is another commission I did last month. MM has found himself a Piluxx P-CC, also known as an air junker. These were mainstays of air flight generations ago, and one of the first to utilize negative mass anti-gravity technology. This one was apparently used in a military capacity of some sort due to the blaster mounted to the front. Once ubiquitous they are somewhat hard to find now. They're sometimes posted on ebay Space though prices skew high. MM was able to pick his up at an auction on Sylann-7. Not sure why he has that scowl on his face.


The Missile Mouse book release is getting close! Only a couple weeks away. Did a call last night for a podcast with Ideology of Madness and we talked about a bunch of MM stuff and more. They say it'll be up in a week or so. I'll be sure to post a link to it when it's up.

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