Monday, March 7, 2011

The Tankians

In Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium3 there's a race of amphibian men who have become enslaved and it's up to Missile Mouse to rescue them. The tankians went through a couple design passes before I settled on something. In this first page I initially thought of my main character, Lasukus, as being a little boy:

Tankian concept sketches

But the story changed and I knew he needed to be older. Plus I knew I needed to draw A LOT of these guys in the end of the book, so the design couldn't have too much line mileage. Here's the direction it went next:

Tankian concept sketches

And here's the final design on an information page I made for the Tankian race for the "Guide to the Missile Mouse Universe" I have at the end of the book:


And lastly, the guys in action. They're actually good guys, but they've all been outfitted with mind control devices that forces them to be agents for the evil King Bognarsh (more on him later):

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 118

MM: rescue on Tankium3 pg 119

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 120

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 121

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg 122-123

MM: Rescue on Tankium3 pg124

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