Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missile Mouse book 2 Inks: FINISHED

Last night I finished inking my second graphic novel which also happens to be my second Missile Mouse book. At 146 pages it's a good 26 pages less than my first book, but it was no less daunting. I tried to push the action, explore the environments, and expand the characters more than in the first one. And so far I'm extremely happy with it. I can't wait to dig into coloring this thing. Deadline is in March so there's a lot of work to do fast.

Missile Mouse book 2 Inks

And these are the casualties of the war in graphic novel making. Each of these brave little soldiers fought valiantly for the cause giving all that they could give. Being all they could be. They actually still have a little ink left in them, it's just the tips wear out before the ink does. Maybe I'm pushing too hard.

Casualties of War

And here's a little sneak peak at the first three pages:

MM02 - 001

MM02 - 002

MM02 - 003

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