Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Gun

Here Missile Mouse is holding the Krengrack-8 a high impact laser rifle made by Krengtronic. The Krengrack-8 (or the "Big Gun" as MM affectionately calls it) has an effective range of 8 light-minutes at it's highest setting. However, at that setting the generator only has enough energy for 10 to 12 shots. Missile Mouse is perfectly content using it at half power in close combat where the Big Gun has more than enough firepower to take out even the most fortified battle tanks. The Krengrack-8 is heavy, so Krengtronic outfitted the gun with a mini antigrav disc that reduces it's weight by a good 90% making the gun much easier to maneuver with. Now if only they could figure out a way to make the generator smaller.

This was another MM commission piece. I'm glad I set this up because it forces me to come up with new MM stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have thought of. Here's a scan of the sketch before inking it:

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