Friday, October 3, 2008

Eat This!

Missile Mouse doesn't normally carry grenades. Not that he doesn't like them. It's just that they're bulky, and heavy, and a little inaccurate. That said, they're extremely effective in difficult situations. No one understands difficult situations more than MM. In the image below he's about to give a drognardian hopper something to make his bad breath go away...forever. That little Altoid of death happens to be a V50 made by EG (ExplosiveGalactique). Typically MM would prefer a surgical shot to the head with his trusty blaster. Quick and easy. But when you're transport ship is shot out of the sky, and the only thing that survives the crash landing on a drognardian infested planet is a crate of V50s you're not going to complain. You make do.

This was a commission I did a week or so ago. You can get one like it by ordering one here. If you want.

Been super busy. Work steadily progresses on the Missile Mouse graphic novel. I'm trying to ink 2 pages a night, which at times is difficult, but satisfying to know I'm staying on track. When I announced I was working on this book I said I'd post some designs and concept work to tide us over until the release of the book. Next week I plan to deliver on that promise. I'll begin posting some character designs and background info on the key players in the book. So stay tuned.

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